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Purdue Basketball: Purdue vs IU, Analytically Speaking

The computers have spoken! What will happen tonight though?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, the big match up is this evening.

7 PM, Mackey Arena.

Purdue, on a bit of a slide. Last game we won? At Assembly Hall.

IU, started to figure a few things out it appears.

Our slide can’t last forever, right? Tonight is the night.

Analytics even say so. Our friend’s over at SportsMetrix.Net and, were gracious enough to send me their analytics for tonight, what his system says for keys to the game and a prediction. (TAKE THE OVER!)

I am not totally in tune on all of this and I AM DEFINITELY NOT AN EXPERT. But, please feel free to go to their website, register and start taking advantage of his analytical tools, especially if you love SportsBook on FanDuel like myself!

Here is what SportsMetrix.Net has to say about this evening’s match-up and our last game vs IU.

  • Purdue Michigan Game. According to SportsMetrix.Net, Purdue did not force any turnovers, which lead to addition 9 points for Michigan. The Boilers did defend the perimeter well, resulting in 6 points to Purdue. The website predicted Purdue to lose by 7.8 points, in which we ended up losing by 8 points.
  • Purdue IU Comparisons..
  • Purdue: Generally Controls the ball well and forces turnovers. Average shooters, not great, not terrible. Very good rebounding team, especially offensively.
  • IU: They draw many fouls and get to the free throw line. Excellent post scoring and excellent defensive rebounding.
  • Team Pregame Report for Purdue vs IU: The website is predicting Purdue to win by 5.6 points. They predict we will win the turnover differential, lose the 3 point differential and win the rebounding differential. Game Plan: Do not let their forwards get to the FT line. Defend the perimeter well. Pass the ball well for easy shots and our guards need to rebound.
  • Indiana Guards Profile: Very good 3 point shooters, not great at getting to the rim, do not rebound at all, do not force turnovers. We must defend the perimeter well to stop the three point shot.
  • Indiana Forwards Profile: They tend to turn the ball over, they get to the free throw line often - we must prevent this, they are not great three point shooters, they are very good rebounders, they tend to foul opponents a lot. We must get their forwards in foul trouble.
  • Assists: The website states that assists and passing may be vital for tonight. If Purdue gets more assists than their average, we win 77% of the time.
  • Final Score: The website is predicting an a score of 74.4 to 68.8, with Purdue winning.

Again, if you are totally into all of this analytics stuff. Try out SportsMetrix.Net and He is starting to build his site and does a great job.

At some point this slide has to stop. Why not tonight against our rivals? Purdue will have a chance to make a late season run and maybe sneak into the tourney.

It all starts this evening.

Boiler Up!