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Former Purdue Baseball Coach Dave Alexander Passes

Purdue’s current facility is named after its former long-time coach.

Purdue baseball does not have a ton of history with just two Big Ten championships 103 years apart (1909 and 2012), three NCAA Tournament appearances (1987, 2012, and 2018), and not a whole lot else. Much of that history lies with former coach Dave Alexander. Today coach Alexander passed away at age 79 in Lafayette:

Alexander coached at Purdue from 1978-91, winning a school record 407 games that was surpassed later by Doug Schreiber, who won 485 games from 1999-2016. Schreiber was his player in the 80s. however, so Alexander’s fingerprints have been all over the program for the last 40+ seasons. Alexander was Purdue’s coach in 1987 whent he Boilers earned their first ever NCAA appearance, a feat that would not be matched for another 25 years. He was around even before that, as he played for Purdue from 1960-62.

Basically, Dave Alexander WAS Purdue baseball, so much so that our new stadium was named after his parents when it opened in 2013. He recruited and coached 22 MLB Draft picks, including future big leaguers Archi Cianfrocco, Rico Rossy, Matt Kinzer and Jermaine Allensworth.