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Purdue vs Nebraska - The Grades Are In

This is our last post reliving Saturday.

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We lost.


Here are the grades.

Passing Offense: C

Plummer played fine, but his deep balls left a lot to be desired this weekend. After we saw the Brohm Offense with Blough and even Sindelar it just seems so limited with AOC or Jack.

This offense is meant to stretch the field both vertically and horizontally. Right now it appears that it is mostly horizontal. Teams are living with dump offs to Rondale and corralling him instead of allowing intermediate and deep passes to Bell.

Rushing Offense: F

Negative. Yards. Rushing.


This is against a team that has allowed plenty of rushing yards this season.


Overall Offense: D

I really don’t need to elaborate. The rushing offense had negative yards.

Passing Defense: D

Nebraska doesn’t throw the ball well at all.

They came into the game having 0 passing touchdowns on the year and averaging under 200 yards passing per game.

Like many other teams - the Purdue defense fixed that issue. Allowing Martinez to throw for over 250 yards and leaving guys wide open in our zone defense.

Rushing Defense: D+

Bad tackling has defined this defense all season. That trend continued this week with open field whiffs all game - sad really.

On the opening drive of the 3rd quarter we were absolutely sliced apart. We allowed only 111 yards, but it was still an effort that should have been better.

Overall Defense: D

I don’t think an elaboration is really needed.

Special Teams: D-

An open punting competition lead to a freshman walk on punting this week.

His first punt was blocked that set up a TD. The second punt was short that lead into another touchdown and a 14 to 0 hole.

Special Teams have been bad all season with the new hire of Coach Biagi - who was supposed to bring in some excitement. Coach Brohm said he was going to have more input - it did not look like.

Only reason it is a D- is because Dellinger made a couple of field goals.

Coaching: D

You would think the players would have come out fired up after a bad loss to Rutgers.

Instead the opposite happened, players opting out with the Bucket Game on the horizon screams bad things are going on.

Seriously, what is happening?

Where is the fire, where are the trick plays? The team was flat - again. This time though, there was little care from the staff or the team.

This is officially a lost season.