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Nebraska 37, Purdue 27: In Tweets

People were angry... ANGRY ABOUT FOOTBALL!

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The losing streak is now at four games. Even worse, the last three of those games were against some really bad teams that have only beaten one other team each. It is a dismal year outside of sports, but we watch it for a release. We’re treated with empty stadiums and bad football as our reward. Purdue has had every opportunity to win each of its last four games, even yesterday against Nebraska, but like so many other teams in this conference, it is a bad football team.

At least it is basketball season.

Don’t worry kids, we only have two more weeks of this. One of those weeks is a week against our rival in the midst of their best season in decades, however. With Purdue not playing well it is certainly not good going into the Bucket Game.

Yes, it is a dark time for Purdue football after some glimpses of the light.