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Déjà vu - Purdue 27 Nebraska 37 - Just another Saturday in the Brohm Era

This should sound familiar.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 28 Rutgers at Purdue Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images via Getty Images

To no surprise. Purdue lost a football game in which it was favored in.

Rinse, Wash, Repeat.

Sound familiar? That’s because it happened last week vs Rutgers, which is just one of many examples in what is now becoming an underachieving Jeff Brohm Era at Purdue and the week before at Minnesota.

Two weeks ago, Jeff Brohm and Danny Hope had the exact same record at this juncture in their Purdue Career, at 19-23.

Well, Jeff Brohm continues to fall from grace and is now 19-25 at Purdue not only that, he is now 8-15 in his career at Purdue in one score games.

I am absolutely looking forward to excuses in the comments section, but to be honest, it is hard to care.

In a game in which Las Vegas had Purdue as -1.5 favorites, Purdue, crapped the bed, marking a 4 game losing streak.

The defense was terrible.

The special teams, also terrible.

The offense sparked, flickered even, but it never turned into the dominant performance we all expected.

But, some coaching happened at halftime, it just wasn’t in our locker room.

The Boilermakers got an underwhelming performance from their defense and from the special teams, which is common weekly now.

We just watched Nebraska run the ball just about every single play in the second half to close it out, no enthusiasm on the field, no one appearing apathetic to what is going on. To me, some of the players appeared to not even want to be out there.

After a devastating injury to Antonio Stevens, instead of using that moment for momentum, our defense used it as an excuse to make bone headed plays, most notably the hitting of a defenseless receiver by Dedrick Mackey on 2nd and 21 when the ball was overthrown.

Sure, we can point fingers. No George Karlaftis, Derrick Barnes for getting ejected last game and only playing the 2nd half this week. But at some point, the head football coach deserves some criticism and that is now.

We are in year 4 of this era and the excitement we saw in year one and two are gone. Where are the trick plays? The fire on the sidelines? The players appearing to enjoy being out there? How have we fallen so far in 2 seasons?

The two years we won the most games were with the previous’ regimes recruits. While they were underrecruited, I think we outperformed expectations due to both sides of the ball had to be more creative to win the game.

The Lets Play Football Mantra has started to turn into; Lets Maybe Football?

Two defensive coordinator hires have been bad. We have had 4 special teams coordinators in 4 seasons. We have been underwhelming during an era in which we have had the best playmakers on our roster since the Tiller Regime.

We are 2-2 against Nebraska since Brohm has arrived.

That’s right. Purdue is responsible for 25% of Rutgers wins since 2017. We are 2 of their 8 wins.

I am not going to go into stats, because, quite honestly, who cares after a loss?

It is time to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask - What the hell is going on in West Lafayette?