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Purdue vs. Nebraska Predictions

Can Purdue return to their winning ways?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 28 Rutgers at Purdue
Oh captain my captain!
Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images via Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes (2-3) Says:

If you would’ve asked me at the start of the year where I would rank Nebraska in terms of Big Ten teams I hate they would’ve been at or near the bottom of the list. In fact, with the hiring of Schiano at Rutgers it probably slid Nebraska down to the bottom.

I just never thought of them. Until this off-season when every Nebraska fan became so entitled and annoying that they rocketed up my list. I’ve never seen a group of fans act more like children. It was maddening for all of us to see the conference cancel the season but I think a lot of us understood and even if we didn’t we certainly didn’t think the conference was going after Purdue personally. Nebraska fans though took it as an affront to the great and glorious history of Nebraska football! They complained online, they started petitions, protested, etc. etc.. It was annoying. Then, when the conference announced it was coming back they acted as if they had done it all on their own. It was absurd then and it is absurd now.

To make this even sweeter Nebraska currently sits at 1-4 in this season they so desperately demanded be played. I don’t know if the Purdue defense will play up to the level they need to be but I’m not picking Nebraska here because they are garbage people. (You Nebraska fan reading this I of course don’t mean you, you’re lovely, it’s those OTHER fans, you know the ones.)

Purdue 35

Nebraska 31

Kyle (1-3) Says:

I have taken us to win each week. (editor’s note: there was one week he didn’t submit a pick, that’s why his overall record doesn’t show two wins.)

It is time for the reverse Jinx.

Purdue 27

Nebraska 34

Travis (4-1) Says:

We’re going down. I have zero confidence in this team anymore. We got shoved around by Rutgers of all teams. Last year they were somehow worse than Hazell’s 2013 team. This year they outplayed us in every phase of the game. Nebraska will run with impunity and have all day to throw on third down because of no pass rush. They will score 35 points or so with ease and Purdue will have enough offensive miscues to not quite have enough. We lose a one score game yet again.

Purdue 34

Nebraska 38

Jace (2-3) Says:

This is a must win for Purdue and Jeff Brohm. Losing to a 1-4 Rutgers team at home was embarrassing regardless of circumstances. The Boilermakers need to bounce back with a win heading into the Oaken Bucket game. Nebraska has struggled mightily this season and I expect that to continue Saturday. The defense has not performed well, but I think they can do just enough to hold off the Huskers.

Purdue 35

Nebraska 27

Casey (2-2) Says:

This isn’t much fun anymore. But redemption can be found behind the United hate of these silly huskers of corn who have whined more than anyone in history to get butt whuppings. Let’s give him another, 42-22, with a side of a big Moore game.

Purdue 42

Nebraska 22

Holmes (2-3) Says:

I don’t even know anymore. Losing to Rutgers hurt too much. If we lose to this Nebraska team, fire everyone, even me.

Purdue 27

Nebraska 20

Drew (1-3) Says:

Nebraska and Purdue are both mediocre football teams who should be better. The Huskers are going to run the ball with their QBs until Purdue proves they can stop them. I don’t think they stop running. Huskers control the clock, wear down the Boilermakers and win in the 4th quarter.

Purdue 24

Nebraska 31