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Friday Drankin’: White Elm Brewing

There are a lot more breweries in Lincoln this year.

Welsh Pubs Open For Last Night Before Coronavirus Restrictions Prevent Alcohol Sales Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

We’re gonna need some beer to get through this one. It’s two teams with a combined three wins playing in an empty stadium in December with pretty much nothing on the line. The only reason we are doing this is for that sweet TV money.

We do have beer though, and this year there are a lot more breweries in Lincoln. Two years ago we even featured Boiler Brewing Company in Lincoln. Now we feature a brewery that is literally in the shadow of Memorial Stadium, as it is located roughly 1,700 feet from the 50 yard line.

White Elm Brewing Company

720 Van Dorn St.

Lincoln, NE 68502

Here is the description for White Elm front heir Facebook Page:

White Elm Brewing Company strives to bring modern takes on rustic ales to southeast Nebraska. We love funk; farmhouse styles, saisons, grisette and biere de garde find their way through our fermenters on a regular basis. Between brewing our rustic ales we weave Scotch Ales, ESB’s, and loads of hoppy ales through our brew schedule. Look for cans of White Elm Brewing Company’s beers to hit shelves throughout the Lincoln and Omaha Metro areas in early 2017.

Mmmmmmmm, rustic ales. They don’t have a lot of descriptions available as they mostly have just an Untappd page, but they have some great names. I hope you like IPAs and stouts.

Disloyalty to the Crown - Barleywine - 14 ABV - At that ABV in a 12 ounce pour you’ll be saying “F*** the queen, the wanker” in no time.

Heavy Metal Bake Sale - New England IPA - 7% ABV - How heavy of a metal are we talking? Metallica? Gwar?

Digital Hour Glass - American Pale Ale - 4.5% ABV - APAs are significantly better than IPAs

¡Champurrado! - Imperial Stout - 13% ABV - A ¡Champurrado! is a thick Mexican hot chocolate with a cinnamon stick. If they can approximate that in a beer, es may bueno.