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Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast #24: World Team Tennis

A professional tennis league that plays all over the world? Why not!

World TeamTennis 2020 - Finals Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A professional tennis team from the Soviet Union?

People spending money recklessly on professional tennis matches in large basketball arenas?

A collection of teams named the Pittsburgh Triangles, Boston Lobsters, Detroit Loves, and more?

Martina Navratilova playing professionally in Indianapolis?

That appears to have been World Team Tennis, something that was the brainchild of professional tennis in the 70s and always at odds with the establishment of tennis, but still persists to this day with the venerable Jack Sock leading the way in something called a Supertiebreaker.

In the latest episode of the Let’s Get Weird Sports Podcast T-Mill and Paul discuss the bizarre history of World Team Tennis: Something that lost a lot of money originally, but was later revived and even competed earlier this year with the New York Empire defeating the Chicago Smash for the title. Let’s listen in to another fun edition of the podcast.

Also, be sure to listen in for our first post-credits scene.