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Off the Tracks Podcast: w/ Rapheal Davis!

Casey skype’s down with Rapheal Davis to talk the current team, the best player he’s played with, and his new podcast!

Maryland v Purdue

We’ve got an exciting episode of Off the Tracks, former Purdue great Rapheal Davis joined the podcast to talk all things basketball. We get into the nitty gritty of this year’s current team including some behind the scene anecdotes and observations from what’s been a crazy off-season. He also tells us about the young players reaction to their first college loss.

Then we play a game of either or where he’s unwilling to take a side on MJ or Lebron debate but he will tell you why he preferred one of Harry’s and Neon Cactus to the other.

And we finish by talking about his venture into the media world with his new podcast where he’ll be interviewing a bunch of former Boilers, including the King of Mackey in his first episode and P. J. Thompson in his second. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’ll link you to his youtube lower down and you should go ahead and do as they say and smash that subscribe button.

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