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Jeff Brohm Speaks Words- Says Nothing

Can you tell I’m sick of this?

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

At a certain point these press conferences just become a nuisance. Who are these even for? I suppose they are for people like me who have a certain number of articles they have to write a week in order to get paid. It makes me feel dirty though. I learned nothing by reading this transcript. Here is however a quick recap of what I learned (these are all real quotes and none were re-used):

  1. I don’t make those decisions.
  2. That’s out of my control.
  3. Well, the situation is what it is.
  4. I don’t want to give any information out on that, unfortunately.
  5. Well, it’s football, and things happen.
  6. You know, really I can’t give that information out.
  7. That’s something that I’m not allowed to do.
  8. Unfortunately I can’t give you that, as well. I’m sorry.
  9. I can’t give out that information. I’m sorry about that.
  10. Well, I really don’t want to talk about our staffers and what’s going on there, as well.
  11. Well, you know, this is a different year...

What were those answers in response to? Brian Brohm interviewing elsehwere, the health of the players, the health of the staff, what Purdue was able to do since Nebraska, will GK return, who is out, who will return, what will the seniors do, do you have to take all the seniors who want to come back back? We received no information on any of those topics.

Just like each and every week the opponent is great, they play hard, they’ve had some struggles but they’ve been resilient. Purdue is fighting to get better each week, we got to just be next man up. This is a weird year and it impacts everyone. Each week is different.

That’s it.