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VIDEO: Interview With Former Boiler, Author & Pro Basketball Player, Willie Deane!

Willie gives Boilermakers an update on what he’s been up to!

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Former All-Big Ten player for Coach Gene Keady was kind enough to spend a bit of time with me to give an update on how he is doing, what projects he is working on and reminiscing on his playing career!

You can watch the full episode below and scroll down for an outline of our conversation!

Go check out Willie’s children’s book titled “Love” on Amazon:

During Episode #64, Dub and Willie talked about:

- Why he published his book “Love”.

- What he is planning to do as an author and how many books he would like to release.

- The non-profit “LIFE Enrichment” that he is starting in his hometown.

- How hard is was to walk away from the game around three years ago.

- Looking back on his 15 year playing career overseas.

- What it was like to play against another former Boilermaker, Chris Kramer overseas.

- Why he left Boston College to go to Purdue.

- The insane story of getting recognition at the Purdue Co-Rec and ending up making the team.

- His journey from not planning to play basketball at Purdue to becoming an All-Big Ten selection.

- A hilarious story about Coach Gene Keady including football uniforms and military outfits?

- When he was able to play against and be apart of Michael Jordan’s basketball camp.


Thank you again to Willie for being gracious enough to take the time out his schedule to do this! Hope you guys enjoy, Boiler Up!

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