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Purdue Football Season Grades: Quarterback

How did the quarterback position do during the regular season?

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Regular Season is over and quite frankly, it couldn’t have ended any sooner.

It was a disaster - the schedule was set up perfect to win multiple games and gain some momentum going into 2021.

Well the opponents were set up perfect, the B1G botched the start date of the season.

But, we apparently aren’t a very good football team or COVID totally threw a wrench into our coaches plans this season, with us getting beat by a bad Minnesota Team, Rutgers Team and Nebraska.

Just a disaster.

Luckily, the mutual agreement to not play in the Bucket Game saved our face a bit.

So, I plan on diving into each position group over the next week or so. Going into the play of that group this season.

The improvement needed and what we having coming back or leaving with the group.

We will first start at Quarterback.

Quarterback: B-

Season Highlights: Quarterback started really strong this season with two very good games to start the season against Iowa and Illinois by Aidan O’Connell. But starting in the Northwestern game, a few struggles started to arise.

Then, going into the Minnesota game, Aidan was a scratch for an unknown injury, that ended up ending his season with surgery. Jack Plummer filled in admirably during the Minnesota game and was basically perfect - but the defense squandered a game that we should have won.

Against Rutgers, Jack struggled, only completing 57% of his passes, leading to a disastrous day for the Boilers. But, he ended strong against Nebraska, just to have it squandered by the defense again.

Season Passing Stats: 1854 yards, 15 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 68% completion

Who is leaving: To graduation we lose no one, but with a free transfer year, it is not out of the realm to think someone leaves via transfer.

What is coming back in 2021: Aidan O’Connell (SR), Jack Plummer (JR), Austin Burton (SR), Mike Alaimo (Fr-RS),

2021 Thoughts: Jack and Aidan were the two frontrunners of this job and when Jack took over we didn’t see a major change. We saw some more designed quarterback runs, even some that did not make much sense, but I do believe that Aidan did a better job of pushing the ball vertically than Jack.

They both have their flaws, Aidan is not mobile while Jack is. Aidan has a bigger arm, while with Jack we rely on the horizontal pass game and for the wide receivers to make the pass game great. Once Jack was in, we saw less vertical passes to David Bell in which Aidan thrived.

Austin Burton is a weird case for me — will he be back in 2021? Many thought he was coming here to start and ended up being #3 on the depth chart. Then we have Mike Alaimo — the RS Frosh was highly recruited and has a big arm. Could he make a run to start?

The 2021 class Quarterback, Sam Jackson decommitted last night, making this his 4th drop on a verbal commitment.