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Purdue Football Predictions Update

No game this weekend so why not re-evaluate?

Purdue v Illinois Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes Says:

I didn’t expect this team to be 2-0. I picked them to lose to Iowa in week one. Keep that in mind when you read anything else I have to say.

Right now Purdue sits at 2-0 with no game this weekend thanks to Covid and Wisconsin. They are atop the Big Ten West tied with Northwestern. Purdue and Northwestern conveniently face off in week four. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this could be the most important football game in the Big Ten West. If Purdue wins they sit at 3-0 with remaining games against teams with a combined record of 3-4. Two of those victories come from an IU team that didn’t actually beat Penn State but they let them have it anyway. I have no clue what to make of Indiana at this point but I just feel like they won’t hold up through the entire year.

Purdue will now play at most seven regular season games and I think they’ve got a good shot at going 7-0 or 6-1. I don’t think that’s that outrageous of a statement at this point. If Purdue can get by Northwestern, and they beat Northwestern last season, it’s possible things get a bit easier. All that being said it’s true that Minnesota and Nebraska and even Rutgers could certainly turn things around but who knows at this point.

What I do know is that the Purdue offensive line is greatly improved, the Purdue receiving corps continues to impress, the Purdue defense is bending and not breaking, and the team gets a much needed week off and doesn’t have to play Wisconsin. Why would you ever want to play Wisconsin in football if you’re Purdue?

Travis Says:

Who would have thought that the Big Ten West would hinge on Northwestern at Purdue? If we can get that one the Boilers will have tiebreakers over the Wildcats and Iowa, with Wisconsin in a weird limbo of only 6 games at best. Does that mean 7-0 is on the table? That’s probably too good to be true, but it is true that (checks notes... Indiana? That can’t be right) Indiana is likely the best team left on the slate. The good news is that even if we lose to the Hoosiers we’re still looking good as long as we take care of West business and Rutgers. Iowa and Minnesota already have two losses. Nebraska doesn’t look great. Minnesota is shaky.

I think that 7-0 is a pipe dream, but I can definitely see 5-2 by beating Nebraska and Rutgers and getting one of the NW/MN/IN games.

Casey Says:

Yo. We gonna run this crown. We play the weak. Our receivers are better than any positional group we’ll play and we keep scaring COVID towards other teams. They don’t want a piece of us either.

(This is not how COVID works. We’ll likely shut down things for weeks because of an outburst just like any other team.)

But how 2020 would it be that Purdue ends up like 5-0, play nobody good, and the season just kind of fades to a whimper.

Bell for Heisman. Undefeated. National champions in our heart.

Holmes Says:

Purdue wins all but one game.

Jace Says:

Even after the early season success, my prediction for Purdue’s record is better than before (6-1) as we lose the Wisconsin game due to the Covid-19 outbreak there. We are set up to do great things with the emergence of Zander Horvath in the running game and hopefully getting Kong Doerue back will only help. The defense is still our weakness obviously and I think that will hinder us at some points. I have us beating Northwestern, Rutgers, Indiana and Nebraska while losing to Minnesota.