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Purdue Football: The Top True Freshman

An Offensive Lineman? Ye.

Purdue v Nevada Photo by Jonathan Devich/Getty Images

So, I have done the most improved through two games.

I have done the top newcomer, making room for DaMarcus Mitchell.

Now, the top freshman belongs to...

Gus Hartwig.

In game one, Gus Hartwig rotated at center and guard. Did you notice he was out there?

I didn’t either other than seeing his name - that is what you want in an offensive lineman, when you don’t notice them, they are doing a great job.

He was a big reason for the late 4th quarter ability to run the ball to close out Iowa, he and the other 4 offensive linemen, were moving the Iowa Defensive Line off the Line of Scrimmage - simple as that.

Early in game two, Sam Garvin, our starting center, went down with an ankle injury - didn’t look major, but was ruled out for the game.

Gus Hartwig stepped right in and we didn’t miss a beat at center. Center next to left tackle is the hardest offensive line position. Calling out blitzes, calling out the pass coverage, snapping the ball then run blocking.

There were no bad snaps.

There weren’t many missed blocking assignments.

Gus Hartwig is the real deal.

The 4* from Zionsville enrolled early - has continued to get stronger and will probably cement himself in the starting line up with the exit of Sam Garvin.

During the Jeff Brohm Radio Show yesterday - Coach Brohm only had one thing to say he needed to improve on - his strength.

Which is something all incoming freshmen have to get better at.

We are looking at a 4 year starter on the offensive line and more than likely - someone with a future NFL career.