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Purdue Football: The Best Newcomer

Who has been the best newcomer in 2020?

Purdue v Illinois Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

He wasn’t well known.

He was underrecruited out of high school.

He went to a Junior College, was committed to Louisiana Tech, then flipped to Purdue late.

I have DaMarcus Mitchell as our best newcomer two games into the season.

In two games, the Defensive End/Outside Linebacker has 17 total tackles, 1 sack and 2 tackles for a loss.

At Outside Linebacker or Defensive End, you don’t tally a ton of tackles, especially when you play to the boundary side of the field, but DaMarcus has been very good, averaging 8.5 tackles per game.

He has been a great plug and play Juco transfer, a lot of times, like Anthony Mahoungou, he took one season to get his feet wet then exploded onto the scene.

But, it took no time at all for Mitchell. He had a shortened summer, no real training camp, a rescheduled season twice and he has more than asked playing multiple positions.

DaMarcus Mitchell was committed to Louisiana Tech when Bob Diaco was still the Defensive Coordinator, but when Coach Diaco came to West Lafayette, he decided to make a move as well, Coach brought him a long and the rest is history.

Now, when we only believed we would have Mitchell for 2 seasons, we get him for 3 as the Covid Season does not count as a year for eligibility. So, we get him for 3 years now, unless he decides to go pro early, which he is looking like one of those guys early on.

6-4, 270 pounds, can move, plays with a swagger.

Welcome to Purdue, DaMarcus, we are looking forward to watching you dominate.