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Big Ten Football: Northwestern B1G West Champs

Ah, Covid Season.

Northwestern v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Well, Northwestern was 5-0 going into this past weekend and Michigan State went ahead and upset them, dropping the 8th ranked team in the nation out of the top 10 nation wide.

Not a huge surprise, the Northwestern offense is far from spectacular and they needed a great performance by their defense each week to get to 5-0.

But, with Minnesota cancelling, it appears that Northwestern will win the B1G West.

Even if Iowa plays and wins out, go 6-2 and if Northwestern loses to Illinois next week and finishes 5-2, Northwestern gets the nod as they beat them head to head.

6 games minimum was listed as the quota to win the West or the East.

Seems this would have been a great year for the Boilers to win a cheap championship - yet here we are.

Northwestern earned it though - they beat Wisconsin and Iowa early on, the other 2 best teams in the B1G West.

Congrats, Northwestern!