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Friday Drankin’: Harvest Moon Brewery

There are a lot of breweries near Rutgers. Who knew?

Moon and Mars Rise in New York City Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

When I went out to Rutgers three years ago we weren’t able to stop at any local breweries since we went in to New York City when we weren’t going to the game itself, but it seems like I missed out. There are several options within just a few miles of their campus, especially in downtown New Brunswick. Today’s brewery is an intriguing option for the next trip out there.

Harvest Moon Brewery

392 George Street

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

There is much of a story for Harvest Moon on their site, but they have a great location just off the NJ Transit train into the city. They also have a full food menu and plenty of live entertainment options as well. Here are their beer options that sounds really good:

MoonLight Kolschbier - 4.8% ABV - German style Kölschbier brewed with malted wheat creating a slightly fruity, mild beer with a dry finish. Sounds like a pretty decent Kolsch.

Belgian Witbier - 4.8% - Belgian wheat beer brewed with 40% raw white wheat contributing its straw color and light body. A good Belgian White is always very tasty without an overwhelming amount of alcohol.

Firehouse Red - 6% ABV - Irish-style red ale with malty-sweet accents and English hops leaving a clean, crisp finish. More places need to brew Irish reds and get rid of IPAs. This sounds delicious.

Penstock Coffee Milk Porter - 8% ABV - Penstock Coffee Roasters is located in Highland Park. We are excited to still be working with them on this incredible bold complex beer with big flavors of coffee, roasted nuts and dark chocolate. Another here that sounds delicious.