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Minnesota 34, Purdue 31: In (Rage) Tweets

This week’s edition focuses on one play.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Normally In Tweets is a great way to judge how the Purdue fanbase is handling the game as it goes on from beginning to end. We see the ebbs and flows of the contest from its kickoff until the end.

That will not be the case in this one.

We all know some of the early stuff. There was frustration over J.D. Dellinger having a kicked blocked and missing another one. There was the frustration of Rondale Moore having a slight bobble, costing us seven points in a three point loss. There was frustration at Jeff Brohm inexplicably not running the ball with Zander Horvath (averaging nearly 7 yards a carry) when Purdue had the ball 1st and 10 at the Minnesota 21 with 6 minutes left.

Forget about all that. None of that matters if not for the egregious offensive pass interference call on Payne Durham that erased Purdue’s likely game-winning touchdown. All of this week’s Tweets are related to that play as a way to channel our hate, especially once the Big Ten releases its mealy mouthed “Our officials made the incorrect call” apology Sunday or Monday morning.