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Purdue at Minnesota. The Grades Are In

I really don’t feel like doing this after last night, but here ya go.

Purdue v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Officiating: F

Lets just get this B*** S*** out of the way.

People who are make mistakes like that in a job lose their jobs. That official should not have a job come Monday. The B1G is known for terrible officials. It was verified last night. It was quite literally the worst call I have ever seen - it isn’t even close.

“Oh we should have been leading anyway”

B*** S***. Mistakes in games happen. Missing kicks, happen. We were in a position to win the game, we catch the game winner and would have forced Minnesota to go full field and score a TD.

The game was stolen. Plain and Simple.

Okay, onto the team.

Passing Offense: A

In his first start of the season, Jack Plummer made it an argument to where he may stay in as the starter. He made some of the more impressive throws we have seen this season.

It obviously helps having number 4 back in the mix, but Jack throw for over 350 yards and had three touchdowns. He should have had 4, but one was dropped right before halftime.

Rondale Moore sparked the offense after it looked pretty vanilla the week before against Northwestern. Rondale had 15 catches for 116 yards and David Bell added 8 catches for 104 yards. The Duo will be dangerous the last 4 games of the season.

Rushing Offense: B

Once again, the run game was effective. Horvath was averaging 6.8 YPC and we only game him 10 carries. I have no clue why. Rondale Moore added 3 carries for 20 yards. King Doerue had 7 carries for 15 yards and was pretty ineffective.

I wish we wouldn’t have abandoned the run game so early, but, with Plummer on fire and Rondale back, I can see why.

Overall Offense: A-

Overall the offense did enough to win the game. Jack Plummer made a case to be the starter the rest of the season. I wish we would have rode out the run game a bit longer, as it was successful. But, little complaints. the only mistake was the late interception after the phantom OPI call.

Passing Defense: D

Tanner Morgan came into the game completing only 58% of his passes. He completed 68% last night. While we did not allow any touchdown passes, the pass defense gets a D here for the inexcusable 3rd and 4th down defense.

You want to look somewhere that lost us the game? It was the third down defense.

Rushing Defense: D

Ibrahim did want he wanted. While we did hold him to 4 YPC, he had three touchdowns. There were at least half a dozen times that the defense gave up numbers into the boundary and it led to a first down run or more.

We would get them in short yardage and they would get it.

Overall Defense: D

The third down defense was some of the worst I have seen at Purdue in a while. Literally just giving up lob balls, defensive backs with no attempt to turn around and find the ball.

It happened over and over and over and over.

It is frustrating to know that if the defense plays just a bit better, this game doesn’t come down to that OPI.

Special Teams: F

Two missed kicks.

Return Game, Trash. As always.

Coaching: C+

I did think this was Jeff Brohm’s best game this year as a play caller and head coach. But Coach Diaco left a lot to be desired on the defensive side of the ball and the same goes for special teams coordinator Marty Biagi. The return game has been non existent all year, and then you add the two missed kicks and just adds to the pain.