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Purdue vs. Minnesota Predictions

Will Purdue rebound?

Minnesota v Illinois
Some of our writers don’t like this dude.
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Jumbo Heroes (1-2) Says:

Against my better judgment I picked Purdue last week. Maybe I was swept up in the two wins and was hoping that despite watching the games and seeing how ugly they were that this Purdue team could truly compete in the Big Ten West. I’m much less optimistic now.

Minnesota isn’t a great team. They lost to a Michigan team who may or may not be good? We just don’t know. Their lone win is against the same Illinois team that Purdue beat but Minnesota beat them by the score of 41-14. Minnesota is averaging 36 points per game. Given the injuries to Purdue’s offense, starting QB, various WRs and RBs, I’m not sure if Purdue has the horses to keep up with a Minnesota offense that is quite good especially on the ground.

I know we’ve been told for weeks upon weeks that Brohm is “hopeful” that Rondale Moore will be back but I’m less hopeful. I don’t expect to see him back against Minnesota but I’d love to be wrong. I’m more hopeful about Big George. Purdue needs him in this game to fortify the DL. Without him I’m not sure Purdue can win.

Purdue 31

Minnesota 45

Travis (3-0) Says:

When was the last time Purdue stopped a red hot Big Ten running back? I know we slowed down A.J. Dillon of Boston College two years ago, but when these “best backs in the Big Ten” face us it is almost always bad news. Mohamed Ibrahim is like a freight train right now and running wild on everyone. Purdue needs to at least slow him down. I also don’t like that our history in TCF Bank Stadium is very poor and we’re going to be playing outdoors in weather. Brohm’s game plan was pretty bad vs. Northwestern and now he has to face the league’s best running back and receiver.

Purdue 24

Minnesota 34

Jace (2-1) Says:

Purdue is coming off of a disappointing loss to Northwestern and is going to have some fire heading into this game. I think the defense will hold up well and Horvath is going to have a huge game on the ground. If Purdue wants a chance at the Big Ten West crown, this is a must win.

Purdue 35

Minnesota 24

Casey (2-1) Says:

Minnesota is really bad. Which is good because row the boat is the dumbest thing. But also because Purdue probably isn’t that good either. Thankfully minnys d is going to falter, Plummer will step in and show he probably is Purdue’s most talented qb, and the running game will work just enough to hold a closer than score of the game contest.

Purdue 33

Minnesota 17

Drew (1-1) Says:

Minnesota, in theory, is a better version of Northwestern’s offense. They want to pount you with the run, pull your safeties into the box, and then hit big plays over the top. If you don’t bring extra help, they are content to run the ball all game. Their defense, however, is an absolute train wreck. I think Minnesota scores some points, but Purdue manages to score a few more.

Purdue 35

Minnesota 28

Holmes (2-1) Says:

Purdue wins.

Kyle (1-1) Says:

I do not like PJ Fleck.

Sink his boat.

Boilers 34

Gophers 24