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Purdue Basketball: Big Ten Schedule Released!

Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas!

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well kids.

We have the Boilermaker Basketball Team Big Ten Schedule!

After the Non-Con the Boilers kick off the season by beating Ohio State at Home.

Most notably. A Christmas game!

That is right. With the Boilers bubbling in West Lafayette and the rest of the student body gone. Purdue will play a game on Christmas Day at home vs Maryland.

There is no better way to spread Christmas cheer than watching our Boilermakers beat Maryland on the Holiday.

So, fire up those PS5s, put on that new Boiler you opened that morning and cheer them on to a victory.

I would assume that the game will be nationally televised, but the Big Ten teams playing will be competing with the NBA Annual Christmas Day Specials.

So, take it in. Boilermaker Basketball is only a week away. The Big Ten games are only a month away - things are looking up!

Boiler Up!