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Hammer and Rails Chats With New Radio Announcer Bobby “Buckets” Riddell

One of the new voices of Purdue basketball sits down with Casey to discuss the role.

Purdue v Tennessee
A new voice will be heard over moments like these next season.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hammer and Rails very own Casey Bartley scored a one on one interview with one of the new radio voice of Purdue Men’s Basketball last week when he sat down with Bobby “Buckets” Riddell.

The former walk-on discussed what his role will be on the squad and how he got the role. It’s an interesting conversation and well worth your time. Plus, at under a half an hour it’s a good way to get through your evening commute, afternoon run, or even your lunch break. What do you have to lose? Might as well get used to this lovely voice coming through your ear holes because if he’s following the example set by The Cliz you could be hearing him for the next 40 years.