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Northwestern 27, Purdue 20: In Tweets

Purdue suffers its first loss of the season.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This was a terribly frustrating loss for Purdue because we had every opportunity to make it a win and didn’t. It was almost the exact opposite of the Illinois game because, in that game, we had every chance to lose, but still won because of the ineptitude of the Illini late. does that mean Purdue is a mediocre team and Northwestern is a good team? Does is mean we are a good team and Northwestern is a great team? Does it mean we are the Big Ten’s goo/bad team in that we can beat the bad teams we play, but we struggle against the good (read: top 25) teams we play?

At least if it is the latter it means we can probably win the next three game on the schedule until we play the absolute juggernaut that is the Indiana Hoosiers. Until that time comes, here is In Tweets: