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Friday Drankin’: Five Rabbit Cervecería

Let’s enjoy one of Chicagoland’s finest breweries.

5 RABBIT BEER Joel Wintermantle/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Northwestern is famously Chicago’s Big Ten team, so why not look at a Chicago brewery his week for our Friday Drankin’ series. Whenever I am in Chicago I love heading to a Binny’s Beverage Depot (those that are in the know, know) and looking through their wealth of different beers. Five Rabbit Cervecería stands out, even though I have been searching for some of the Chinga tu Pelo for a while now and have come up empty. They still have some excellent beer to drink.

Five Rabbit Cervecería

6398 W. 74th Street

Bedford Park, Illinois 60638

I enjoy 5 Rabbit because it combines Hispanic culture with beer. Hispanic food absolutely rules, too. Here is Five Rabbit’s story:

5 Rabbit and the other Ahuiteteo – 5 Flower, 5 Grass, 5 Lizard and 5 Vulture – bore the names of specific days in the Aztec calendar, common in that culture. The number five was associated with excess and loss of control. The native people of ancient Mexico revered the transformation of being in an altered state. It was considered liberating – not an earthly celebration, but a journey into the world of the gods.

Now, onto the beer:

Gringolandia Super Pils – 7.2% ABV – This was the first 5 Rabbit I tried, ironically down in Miami as a guest tap at Titanic Brewing near the University of Miami (which is a great spot if you’re lucky enough to go to the ACC/B1G challenge game coming up). It had a really good flavor profile and was not too hoppy for a higher ABV.

Golden Ale – 5.3% ABV – Golden Ales are among my favorites, and this one does not disappoint. It has some hints of caramel and honey, which is a great flavor profile for a Golden Ale.

The rest of their beers are more divided into groups, rather than specific stiles. The Fives are mostly their main line, the Gringolandia is their multicultural home, and Las Chingonas unconventional bad ass beers by their nature. Be sure to get some this weekend (safely) and enjoy the game.