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Purdue vs. Northwestern Preview: This Time in Podcast Form!

The preview is back, but this time in podcast form with Inside NU’s Eli Karp.

Nebraska v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In our continued effort to dominate every moment of your lives we’ve got a new podcast episode out this morning for all of your listening pleasure. Our very own Casey Bartley spoke with the co-editor of Inside NU (the Northwestern SB Nation blog) Eli Karp, a junior at Northwestern, about the upcoming game.

Mr. Karp was quite fascinating to listen to and he and Casey had a rather interesting conversation. Included in the discussion is what we should watch for out of Northwestern on both sides of the football as well as what Mr. Karp has learned about Northwestern in the previous three weeks.

One of the things that struck me is the strength of Northwestern’s secondary including the number of interceptions they’ve already snagged this year. It should make for an interesting battle of strength vs. strength as the Purdue wide receivers go up against a solid unit from Northwestern.

Take a listen, it’s only just over 20 minutes after all, and learn more about Northwestern and be prepared for Saturday evening’s game.

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