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Purdue Football: Paul Piferi Moved to Tight End

Well then.

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Coach Shep announced yesterday that Quarterback Paul Piferi has moved to Tight End.

I am not totally sure what has gone on behind the scenes to make this move. I do know, in 2019 when I watched Spring Ball, Paul struggled to push the ball down field and maybe incoming Freshman Mike Alaimo is already much further along.

This makes our Tight End Group deeper, but still very young.

With the Tight Ends I see it shaking out like this.

  1. Payne Durham
  2. Garrett Miller
  3. Kyle Bilodeau
  4. Jack Cravaack
  5. Paul Piferi

This does give Coach Brohm and opportunity to draw up some more trick plays perhaps with having a former quarterback play tight end. Maybe a double pass?

Anyway, Paul was an All State Track Athlete in High School. He even ran in the low 11s during his last year of track in high school, so don’t be worried about his running ability. Now, with this move, I am not sure how he will be able to block, but he will have plenty of time to work on that, he will not be forced immediately into action.

Best of luck on the position move, Paul!