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Purdue vs. Illinois Predictions

Can the Boilermakers make it to 2-0?

NCAA Football: Iowa at Purdue
Will the team celebrate again Saturday?
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Jumbo Heroes (0-1) Says:

Purdue found a way to pull out a victory last week despite trailing in the fourth quarter. This makes AOC’s reputation as an escape artist even greater. The young man seems to thrive at the end of games.

Illinois was not so lucky. Of course, Illinois played Wisconsin not Iowa. Wisconsin is likely a lot better than Iowa. So how much can we take from their loss? Not a whole lot. Add to that the fact that there are rumblings of positive Covid results on the Illinois team and we simply, again, have no idea what Purdue is going to be facing on Saturday.

There are some things we do know. First, David Bell is still a great WR and every team is gonna have problems trying to cover him. Jeff Brohm is back on the sideline. Purdue (may) have found a running game with Horvath getting stronger as the game wore on. What we don’t know is if Rondale Moore will be back.

Things didn’t go so well for Purdue the last time these two teams played but I want that Cannon back and so does Purdue. Purdue finds a way to pull it out and improve to 2-0 on the season.

Purdue 28

Illinois 24

Kyle (0-1) Says:

llinois just got thumped.

Purdue had an upset.

It is all set for a let down game.

But, it is Jeff Brohm’s first game back and #RevengeGame from 2019. Purdue could potentially get some key players back as well, making the offense even more dangerous. Either way, I like the Boilers. Brohm is 2-1 since coming to Purdue against Illinois.

Purdue 34

Illinois 17

Jace (1-0) Says:

Purdue is coming off a big win against Iowa, and Illinois got the brakes beat off of them in their opener. If Purdue can move the ball fairly effectively against Iowa, then then can do it against the Illini too. I think Bell, Wright and Horvath all have huge games once again and the Boilers roll to 2-0.

Purdue 45

Illinois 17

Travis (1-0) Says:

Purdue has played really well over in Chambana of late and Illinois did not look great in week one. We seemed to have found somewhat of a running game with Zander Horvath, and David Bell is David Bell. If Rondale returns (please let Rondale return) we’re going to have a ton of weapons. Illinois had virtually no offense against the Badgers, either. Unless Lovie grows his beard back I think Purdue rolls.

Purdue 38

Illinois 17

Drew (0-0) Says:

Purdue reclaims the cannon in decisive fashion.

Purdue 27

Illinois 14

Casey (1-0) Says:

What a story it is they told on the field last week. A beautiful confluence of sharp cuts and sharper determination. The routes, so many routes, and the receivers, those glorious receivers. It’s likely that Purdue’s offensive line will never be good or great. It is almost fated the defense will slip and be only serviceable. But, these stories are about greatness, and when you have greatness in even just one area, the rest of the game is different. That’s these receivers - Bell and Wright and soon, to rise up again, like a horror movie villain, Rondale Moore will be back and the entire Big Ten will tremble.

Purdue goes to 2-0, and Love Smith becomes just another victim to a halloween horror.

Purdue 37

Illinois 22

Holmes (1-0) Says:

Purdue 31

Illinois 21