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Friday Drankin’: 25 O’Clock Brewing

I am running out of breweries in Champaign


One of the unfortunate aspects of all Big Ten games this year and going forward is that I am running out of breweries to feature in some of the cities our opponents call home. Champaign is usually one of my favorite road trips because it is a very easy trip over on I-74, tickets are usually plentiful, and they have a Jinny’s Beverage depot. Binny’s has one of the best selections I have seen in a chain liquor store, but there are still a few breweries we have not featured in Chambana:

25 O’Clock Brewing

208 W. Griggs Street

Urbana, Illinois 61801

25 O’Clock has a very bare bones website so far. They do have some interesting offerings though:

Roaration (American pale ale, 5.0%) - APAs are far superior to IPA. one of my favorites is Kona Brewing’s Fire Rock. Perhaps this is similar.

Blondie Johnson (Belgian-style blonde, 5.3%) - I do love a very good Belgian, and this one is not too boozy.

Heat Sink (Farmhouse Ale, ABV 6.5%) - Farmhouse ales are pretty new to my tastes.

Sunspot (Farmhouse with Pink Peppercorn, Lemon Peel and Spearmint, ABV 5.9%) - This sounds like it has a lot going on.

Dubbel (Belgian-style Dubbel, ABV 7.2%) - Dubbel your pleasure, Dubbel your fun.

Exotic Pink Tuxedo (Berliner Weisse with Hibiscus, ABV 3.0%) - At 3% why bother?

When we’re able to watch football in person again this definitely sounds like a stop.