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Jeff Brohm Pre-Illinois Press Conference Notes

Yet another zoom press conference.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Brohm stepped up to the screen today and conducted his weekly press conference in anticipation of the game against Illinois. There was of course a healthy amount of discussion about the victory over Iowa. Let’s hit some highlights shall we?

Before we get too much into the game against Iowa or the game against Illinois I’d like to talk about the discussion of Brohm’s isolation and how he’s doing. Indulge me for a second won’t you? It’s Brohm’s hope that he will be able to return on Wednesday as that will conclude his 10 days. I’m unsure if testing protocols require him to have a negative test but he seemed certain that he will be returning Wednesday. While in isolation Brohm watched the game all alone, except for the dog. The dog that Coach Brohm didn’t want but his family somehow got during Covid quarantine. He does begrudgingly admit that “I do like it not, even though I won’t admit it.” And isn’t that the ultimate Dad answer? The one silver lining for Coach Brohm during this quarantine seems to be that he’s able to go out and walk the dog and it’s just “about the only thing I can do where I feel like I accomplished anything.” And don’t we all understand that a little bit?

For those that are interested Brohm does admit to scaring the dog a bit as he was watching the game but does note that he felt bad about it. Also, the dog is 34 poodle and 14 St. Bernard. His name is Coco and I demand pictures. Moving on now though.

Coach was very proud of the coaching staff, the team, and everyone involved with the program to walk away with a victory on Saturday. Not calling the plays was a strange feeling for Coach Brohm but he and his brother “kind of think alike a little bit” so it’s possible that the game plan wouldn’t have been much different. He praised the offensive staff for sticking with the run and maintaining a balance despite throwing the ball 50 times.

It sounds like the decision to start AOC was made on Sunday and ultimately came down to the fact that while all three possible starters were close AOC had “poise in the pocket and better accuracy.” Those are pretty good strengths to build around. When grading out AOC Brohm found that “forced the ball into coverage more than a few times that he shouldn’t have” but was quick to note that when you throw the ball 50 times you won’t make the right read every time.

No QB is out there all alone and Brohm wanted to rightly praise the receiving corps that AOC finds himself surrounded by. David Bell “played a great game” but found the emergence of Milton Wright to be “really fun to watch.” There’s no word for sure on if Moore will be back nor official word on what the injury was. Brohm’s said about the decision to play Moore “he was just out, and we’ll — whenever he’s ready to play, he will play.” So not a whole lot of illuminating information there. The same goes with basically all of the other injuries. King Doerue? “We’ll have to wait.” Tyler Coyle? “[H]e’ll be back this year. But I would not say this week.”

Looking ahead to Illinois Brohm reminded everyone that Illinois “beat us and they beat us bad” last year. I don’t think anyone here needs reminding. Illinois is a “physical” team that plays “downhill” and “control[s] the ball”. The way Brohm tells it Illinois is a powerhouse who is great at generating turnovers. That makes them dangerous and Brohm is taking them very seriously. This is the best attitude this team can have. Despite being trounced by Wisconsin remember that Wisconsin is good. They are going to be a tough out for anyone.

Jeff Brohm will have just three days to prepare his team when he returns to campus on Wednesday. Let’s hope it’s enough. Purdue vs. Illinois kickoff at noon on Saturday as Purdue looks to move to 2-0 on the season.