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Friday Drankin’: Backpocket Brewing

We’re back, with beer!

Wales Enters Circuit Breaker Lockdown At 6pm Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Friday Drankin’ is back! For any newcomers, this column is dedicated to craft brewing since few things are better than a nice cold beer during a tailgate. Craft beer is better too, because I am too old and make too much money to drink cheap beer like Budweiser. What I like to do is feature a local brewery located in the city of our opponents. Since we play Iowa every year we have already done ReUnion Brewing and Big Grove Brewing, so I needed to find a third Iowa City brewery.

Enter Backpocket Brewing in nearby Coralville:

The truth is you can tell a lot about a man by what he keeps in his back pocket - a useful pocketknife, a lucky coin, a worn out photo from an old love that has never died. Whatever it is, even if it wound up there by accident, there’s a story behind it. A story that probably won’t come out until you are in the right place, talking to the right people, with the right beer in hand.

Located in the Iowa River Landing in the beautiful Coralville, Iowa, we are German inspired and hand crafted. There’s a Backpocket beer perfect for every person, every occasion and, most importantly, every story.

I wasn’t able to visit Backpocket last year when I went to Iowa City, but if I go back it sounds like a must stop. At minimum I need to check out the local Kum & Go, which I found out has their own growler filling stations in Iowa! There are some very interesting selections that seem worth trying:

Slingshot – Dunkel Lager – 5.3% ABV - What’s not to love about Dunkels? Rich and malty with a balanced sweetness, this easy-drinking lager is a year-round favorite. With a nutty, bready aroma, all hop characteristics are mellowed out to create a smooth, drinkable beer.

Gold Coin – Blonde Lager – 5.2% ABV - Light, simple and drinkable, this golden blonde lager was one of our first beers, and it’s stuck around for good reason. It’s crisp, refreshing and simply delicious.

Murderhorn – Belgian Golden – 10.2% ABV - Even before your first sip, the nose of this Belgian golden ale packs a punch. Dominated by yeast fruit notes, all hop aromas are buried under a balanced flavor and aroma. The dry finish with a touch of boozy heat, rounds out this golden ale.

That Belgian Golden has some STANK on it, and I do like a good Belgian.

They also have a couple of seasonal selections, including a coffee vanilla lager that looks absolutely delightful. Hopefully the next time we can actually attend football games I can try some of this, even of the BHGP folks have to bring it to West Lafayette.