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Purdue vs. Iowa Predictions

Can Purdue win a season opener under Jeff Brohm? Would this win count as a season opening win under Jeff Brohm given the circumstances?

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Purdue’s starter? No one knows.
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Editor’s note: All predictions except for Jumbo Heroes and Drew were submitted prior to the news of Rondale Moore being out for the game. This won’t however make a difference when I chalk up who got it right and who got it wrong for next week but it seemed only fair to mention it.

Season openers are always a mess to pick. Usually though you’ve got the added benefit of playing SouthEastWest Kentucky State Tech. This season there’s no such buffer. Purdue opens the season at home, as much as that matters in this age of no fans, against conference foe, and OMHR, Iowa. We know so little about these teams and how practice has gone that it seems impossible to have any confidence about what will happen tomorrow at 3:30.

To add to the confusion breaking news that Purdue will be without Rondale Moore (no explanation given). So no Jeff Brohm on the sideline means Brian Brohm, who has never called plays during a game, will be calling the plays and Purdue is down their best athlete. Doesn’t seem like a good mix. I’m going to err on the side of pessimism and say Purdue loses though it hurts me to say such things.

Purdue 21

Iowa 35

Travis Says:

WE HAVE ALWAYS HATED IOWA!!!! Seriously though, how do you make a call on this one? We have a mid-October conference game where we have not seen either team in months. We have no idea who is starting at quarterback for Purdue and Iowa has a first time starter at QB. Purdue has a brand new defensive scheme, while Iowa under Ferentz is as predictable as possible in all aspects. Brohm has done well against the Hawkeyes though, and loves to throw deep on a team that cannot defend the deep ball well. When all is said and done, David Bell and Rondale Moore are probably the best players on the field, so that’s an edge.

Purdue 31

Iowa 28

Holmes “Says”:

Jace Says:

I think Purdue gets the job done but it will be a close game. Iowa has a new starting QB in Spencer Petras after Nate Stanley graduated, so you just don’t know how a new guy will fare in B1G play. Regardless of who Purdue trots out there at QB, the offense will be fine as long as Rondale and David Bell are playing. Things are going to be sloppy given the circumstances with Covid-19 and a limited amount of practice time, but I think Purdue is better set up to succeed early on with all of the weapons they have on offense. Moore will have a few big plays to push them past the Hawkeyes.

Purdue 35

Iowa 31

Casey Says:

Two teams stare down the darkness, the meek birds shiver at the thumping bass, and the locomotive starts to pick up steam. This train will be called Purdue but also karma, and it will be luxurious and fast and fueled by Moore Bell.

I’ve got nothing of substance because who the hell knows. Only one brohm. Mysterious unknown depth charts and injuries. Teams put together weeks ago.

A world that makes no sense. So let’s homer.

Purdue 42

Iowa 37

Choo Choo

Kyle Says:

No Jeff Brohm?

Big problem.

Brian Brohm will step in after never calling plays in game, as he has always been an assistant to Jeff. Not only that, he will be in charge of on field clock management and all the pre-game nuances. I am not saying he will do a bad job, but he also has just never been put into this role before, especially against a coach that has over 160 wins in his career.

Iowa is replacing many starters on the defensive side of the ball, and more importantly replacing Nathan Stanley with a Quarterback in Spencer Petras that does not have a ton of experience.

Without Jeff Brohm I lose some confidence in us winning, as I believe he has been a big reason we have won two of the last three meetings with his play calling to shorten the talent gap.

Purdue 27

Iowa 31 (Covers the -3.5)