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Purdue Basketball: Jon Rothstein Top 45

Where did he rank our Boilermakers?

Purdue v Tennessee Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While we are all patiently waiting for the Big Ten to start their delayed season of football, basketball is quickly approaching and many preseason predictions have started to roll out.

This morning, Jon Rothstein ranked his top 45 teams, I am not going to list 1-45 for you, but here is where the Big Ten Teams Ranked.

3. Iowa

6. Wisconsin

7. Illinois

11. Michigan State

21. Rutgers

27. Ohio State

29. Indiana

37. Michigan

44. Purdue

Yea. That ranks Purdue as the 9th best team in the Big Ten. I am not sure if I think we are that low or not.. Or if the Big Ten is just that loaded.

But, like it or not. Our Boilers had a down year last season and we have a lot of young guys that will play for us this season.

A lot of players that are unproven at the college level will be in the rotation. Ethan Morton, Brandon Newman, Jaden Ivey, Zach Edey, Mason Gillis and Dow.

Rothstein does predict the starting 5 to be this, so take it FWIW.

G - Eric Hunter Jr.

G - Ethan Morton

G - Sasha Stefanovic

F - Aaron Wheeler

F/C - Trevion Williams

I tend to agree with that starting 5. But would not be surprised to see Ivey as the starting shooting guard instead of Morton. With Hunter, Sasha, Wheeler and Tre the starting line up brings plenty of experience, but how will the 2nd unit do?

The bench is the question. Who will lead that bench and what young guys will make an impact early on.

I am happy to be in Jon’s Top 45.

I think we are better than 9th in the B1G.