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Purdue Football: Quarterback is Still a Three Man Race

Kick off is less than 2 weeks away. Who wins?

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Mike Carmin from the Lafayette Journal and Courier gave us some insight into Purdue Football last week.

One was this.

Quarterback is still a 3 man race, with less than 2 weeks before kick off.

A couple of weeks ago, I previewed the Quarterback Position after the announcement of the B1G planning on playing.

So, I won’t go in depth with that again.

But, it appears that Coach Brohm still has yet to decide who will take the opening snaps of this season.

He also did not rule out the idea of using 2 or 3 quarterbacks. Which I do not love. I am all for finding the one that leads the group and rolling behind that guy, but Coach Brohm gets paid millions of dollars to make that choice, not me.

Plummer, O’Connell and Burton are all solid options, but all have really small sample sizes of what they have accomplished in college football to date.

I still prefer Jack Plummer. He can stand in the pocket, but also be mobile when asked to be.

Iowa is right around the corner!