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College Basketball Rankings January 6: Purdue Receives Single Vote

We barely hang on to that streak.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Purdue did not receive any votes in the AP Poll was March, 2015. For most of that time Purdue has been a solid top 25 team, but for the rest of the time it has at least received votes. Despite last night’s horrific loss at Illinois that streak will continue for another week, at least, as Purdue received a single vote in the AP Poll this week.

  1. Gonzaga 1,607
  2. Duke 1,545
  3. Kansas 1,513
  4. Baylor 1,386
  5. Auburn 1,317
  6. Butler 1,181
  7. San Diego State 1,130
  8. Michigan State 1,129
  9. Oregon 1,075
  10. Florida State 966
  11. Ohio State 924
  12. Maryland 863
  13. Louisville 844
  14. Kentucky 811
  15. Dayton 614
  16. Villanova 604
  17. West Virginia 556
  18. Virginia 556
  19. Michigan 502
  20. Penn State 456
  21. Memphis 455
  22. Texas Tech 287
  23. Wichita State 252
  24. Arizona 184
  25. Colorado 81

Others receiving votes:

Iowa 63, Seton Hall 48, Arkansas 38, Marquette 25, Xavier 18, Wisconsin 17, Houston 8, Creighton 6, Washington 6, Virginia Commonwealth 5, Saint Mary’s 3, Northern Iowa 2, Liberty 2, Purdue 1, Stephen F. Austin 1, BYU 1

I will be blunt: We are nowhere near being a top 25 right now, and this streak likely ends next week if Purdue loses both games to Michigan and Michigan State this week. The next three games are against top 20 teams, two on the road, and Purdue has been flat awful on the road in Big Ten play.

That said, there are still very clearly a lot of opportunities for good wins out there, and we can either cry about where we are or get better. Purdue still has Michigan twice, Iowa twice, Wisconsin twice, Ohio State, Maryland, Penn State, and Michigan State left. That’s TEN games of the last 16 that would fall into he quality win category, plus Rutgers twice (currently a top 30 NET team), Indiana twice (top 50 NET) and Illinois (38 NET).

Unless Purdue plays a lot better than it did last night, and I mean A LOT better, it could get ugly in a hurry. The potential is there, however, and that is really all you can ask for.

One game at a time, and it starts Thursday at Michigan. At least we can say we can’t really play worse than last night.