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Fan Pulse Week 10

Doctor, we’ve got a heartbeat...but it’s faint.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

National Question

Man, we can’t even crack this poll. I’m not saying Purdue is as disappointing as UNC, but come on Ohio State is 13-7 and Purdue is 11-10. We’re not getting the disappointment respect we deserve! Interestingly enough, the Boilermakers have a loss to the 2nd most disappointing team, and a win over the 3rd.

Purdue Pulse

Based on my years of experience on this site, I think 75% is about bedrock for this poll. I think if you parsed it out more, 50% of respondents are firmly in the Painter camp, 25% are in the cautiously optimistic but expecting the worst camp, and 25% spit on the ground when any sort variation of the word paint is mentioned.

I’ll say this though, if the Boilermakers lose to Rutgers and Northwestern in the same week, this chart will break through the bedrock and rightfully so. I’m on the verge of saying some unkind things about Purdue basketball myself. Hopefully Matt and the guys figure it out and save me from writing things I’ll later (hopefully) regret.