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Week 9 Basketball Fan Pulse

Illinois has stolen our joy.

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks, checking back in on the basketball fan pulse, and confidence waivers about as much as a 13 year old out on his first date.

Purdue Confidence

This graph is the perfect representation of Purdue’s season thus far. The Boilermakers have some soaring peaks (UVA, MSU) and some devastating valleys (Illinois x2) this season. What this team lacks in consistency, they make up for in their ability to thoroughly frustrate the fan base.

I’ve watched Purdue play beautiful basketball this year. Their gutting of Michigan State was a work of art.

I’ve watched Purdue play wretched basketball this year. The tape of both Illinois games should be loaded into a rocket and fired into the vacuum of space.

It’s easy to be both confident and pessimistic about this team on a game to game basis, because the team changes on a game to game basis. Personally, I choose to keep a long term view of confidence in the program. I think we’re still heading in the right direction, even though this detour to suckville hasn’t been pleasant.

Keep the faith friends (or don’t, it’s your life).

National Question

Begins chanting:


(Wife throws shoe at me from across the room.)

America like the Big 10, and how could they not?

Every team is capable of knocking off every other team on any given night. Purdue isn’t a good team at the moment, but catch them on the right night (and at home) and they might beat you by 30.

You can say that about pretty much any team in the league. This is going to be an interesting February.