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Purdue Football: Jeff Brohm Knocked These Hires Out of the Park

Coach Brohm has made 3 vital hires to the success of this football program

Maryland v Purdue Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Coach Brohm knocked these hires out of the park.

He took his time.

He stayed quiet.

He did his due diligence.

And he may have made the three best possible hires that he could have made.

Bob Diaco (Defensive Coordinator), Marty Biagi (Special Teams Coordinator) and Terrance Jamison (Defensive Line) were all hired this month, completing our coaching staff for 2020, unless something unforeseen comes up and more need to be replaced.

Coach Brohm absolutely knocked this hires out. With these three hires I think he did three things that will be vital to the long term success of the Purdue Football Program.

  1. He got younger and hired up and coming coaches. Coach Diaco is only 46 years old, 11 years younger than Holt. Coach Biagi turns 35 this year and his former boss, Seth Littrell said he is a Head Coach in the making - he will modernize our special teams unit. Coach Terrance Jamison is also only in his 30s and is considered nation wide as one of the best young defensive coaches.
  2. New Schemes Will Help. Both Coach Diaco and Coach Biagi will bring new life to groups that have been less than exciting for a couple of season. In year one of the Brohm Era both the special teams and defense were some of the best in the nation. Holt had a top 25 defense in year one and Coach Levine brought some razzle dazzle to the special teams unit, expect more of this in 2020.
  3. Recruiting. Young coaches have more of a presence on social media, which is where the bulk of recruiting can be done now-a-days. It helps with building relationships before the athletes even get on campus for a visit. Coach Eron Hodges has proved how important Twitter can be with recruiting - he is the king of it.

Coach Bob Diaco - Defensive Coordinator

Coach Diaco is the most experience of the three new hires. I have seen some criticism on Social Media over this hire, but mostly praise. Coach Diaco has been loved by previous guys he coached, at Notre Dame, Connecticut and even Nebraska, where he was only at for one season.

Coach Diaco is a teacher - he is fiery and will get the best out of his guys. Coach Holtz at Louisiana Tech said he knows his 3-4 scheme better than anyone in college football. He knows what he wants and how he wants it.

For people who have criticized this hire, let me ask you. How often do you get the chance to hire a coach who has won the assistant coach of the year? How many times do you get the chance to hire a guy who has recruited this state the way he did when he was at Notre Dame? The answer is not often. Coach Diaco checks the boxes. He will do a solid job in West Lafayette.

Coach Marty Biagi - Special Teams Coordinator/Defensive Help

Marty Biagi is one of the best up and coming coaches in college football. At only 34 years old, he is destined to be a head coach one day. One of his most famous calls at North Texas was the fake fair catch and run, which made national news and surprisingly did not get his returner murdered.

Biagi consistently had his special teams at North Texas in the top 50. From Coach Littrell, the head coach at North Texas, he said that Biagi always gets the guy’s attention. He makes them excited to play special teams, which can be hard with a bunch of guys that want to all be starters. He will be a nice addition to the staff.

Coach Terrance Jamison - Defensive Line

Our latest hire, Coach Jamison from Air Force spent his playing days at Wisconsin - so he is familiar with the Big Ten and what kind of football is played here. He has been touted by many as one of the best young up and coming defensive coaches in the game.

In his mid 30s, Coach Jamison has a lot of coaching ahead of him. He fits the Bob Diaco 3-4 scheme and makes the defensive staff even younger. He will be a solid recruiter. Also, can you imagine this man’s face when Coach Brohm offered him the job?

He gets the opportunity to coach Freshman All-American George Karlaftis, Lorenzo Neal Jr, Derrick Barnes and a plethora of other young talented players. Including 4* Steven Faucheux and Greg Hudgins. He will have no issue with getting this young talent up to speed.

Just being honest, I do believe that Coach Brohm knocked these hires out of the park. He went outside of his coaching box to hire guys that he really has never coached with or have nay ties with, something that is not very common now-a-days.

He got younger, hired guys who are hungry and that are still fairly young. These guys are still trying to prove themselves (minus Diaco who has done so), I believe that these hires will pay huge dividends this season and the seasons beyond.

Welcome to Purdue Coach Diaco, Coach Biagi and Coach Jamison. We are all stoked to have you at Purdue. Boiler Up!