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Final Football FanPulse Poll

The season is over and your intrepid fan pulse reporter is now emotionally stable enough to talk about it.

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff National Champions-Louisiana State Celebration Russell Costanza-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here it is, the last football poll of the year.


The purple and yellow Tigers beat out the orange and purple Tigers for the top spot. As much as it pains my Clemson soul, LSU was far and away the best team, and while the final score didn’t indicate how close the game was throughout, it does indicate that LSU won going away.

Ohio State at the 3 spot is also correct. The Buckeyes choked away a lead and are extremely mad online about it, but never-the-less they are a decent squad and deserve the bronze medal.

The 4-5 spot are interesting. Yes Oklahoma lost in spectacular fashion to LSU, but let’s not forget, Georgia lost to the same LSU squad in the SEC Championship game. I’m not sure how you move Oklahoma down and move Georgia up because they got beat by LSU a week earlier than Oklahoma. Just more SEC bias creeping into the picture IMO. I think Oklahoma beats Georgia in a head to head match up, but that’s just me, an SEC hater talking. Either way, there is a gulf between the 3 and 4 spot.


Personally, I don’t think Florida or Penn State were anything special. Florida gets the nod because they were better on offense. Penn State just didn’t do it for me this year. The offense was OK, the defense wasn’t bad, but meh, they didn’t show up against OSU in their biggest game. The Buckeyes did their best to keep the Nittany Lions in the game with a 3rd quarter melt down, but Penn State refused to cooperate. Also, I don’t like James Franklin.

If we’re being honest about things, Alabama is probably the 4th best team in the nation. I’d take them head to head against any team other than LSU, Clemson, and Ohio State.

Baylor and Minnesota round out the top 10, with the Bears beating out the Boat Rowers for highest ranked feel good story of the year. I still think they should have hit the Baylor football program with a nuke from space years ago, but they had a decent squad this year. I hope they fall off a cliff next year and are never heard from again.


Let’s be honest, this is just a guessing game as all the teams in this segment are interchangeable.

I like the plucky underdogs, so Memphis, App State, and Air Force get the nod as my favorite teams in this section of the poll, although again, I would take some teams further down the rankings over them in a head to head match up. Cincinnati is also a nice story, but I’ve never liked Cincinnati in any sport for reasons I don’t quite understand, but they had a nice year and 20 is a good spot for them. I do hope they’re terrible next year, again, for unknown reasons that I am strangely passionate about.


Now we’re into the participation ribbon portion of the poll. These teams participated and their overall OKness is noted. I do take extreme joy in seeing Navy ranked ahead of Michigan and that UAB has risen from the dead to receive some notoriety.

Iowa, per usual, is the Okest team in college football and are charter members of the 21-25 club. If nothing else, the Hawkeyes remain on brand.

That’s it, it’s over

The 2019 season is over, and I’m glad. There was something about 2019 in general that rubbed me the wrong way. I’m excited for 2020, and arguing about just how high the Boilermakers should be ranked on a weekly basis.

See y’all in the fall.

Don’t forget to wear your hat and gloves.