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College Basketball Rankings January 20: Purdue Receives 9 Votes

Satying alive!

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The streak is still alive. Even with a road loss at Maryland, Purdue received 9 votes in this week's AP Poll, and the schedule ahead offers a chance for more. If Purdue can take care of business at Mackey, and perhaps figure out how to put two competent halves together on the road, that number will likely increase.

New #1 this week is Baylor which means that seven teams have sat atop the rankings this season. It just goes to show you that while college basketball is always crazy this season seems especially so. Need another example? Rutgers, yes that Rutgers, is currently ranked at #24. This is their first appearance in the AP rankings since Jimmy Carter was President. 1979 folks. It’s been awhile. Good for Rutgers and good for their basketball fan(s) for hanging in there this whole time!

  1. Baylor 1591
  2. Gonzaga 1588
  3. Kansas 1470
  4. San Diego State 1422
  5. Florida State 1335
  6. Louisville 1303
  7. Dayton 1139
  8. Duke 1065
  9. Villanova 1055
  10. Seton Hall 1034
  11. Michigan State 1004
  12. Oregon 886
  13. Butler 867
  14. West Virginia 7581
  15. Kentucky 7551
  16. Auburn 637
  17. Maryland 525
  18. Texas Tech 399
  19. Iowa 398
  20. Memphis 394
  21. Illinois 280
  22. Arizona 225
  23. Colorado 154
  24. Rutgers 152
  25. Houston 151

Others receiving votes: Wichita State 94, LSU 83, Michigan 73, Northern Iowa 42, Ohio State 36, Stanford 28, Wisconsin 28, Penn State 24, Liberty 21, Florida 21, Arkansas 19, Virginia 13, Creighton 13, Duquesne 13, Purdue 9, East Tennessee State 6, Indiana 6, USC 4, Marquette 2, BYU 2, Harvard 1

I’ve gone to the trouble of bolding the B1G teams and italicizing those teams that Purdue played in the out of conference. That Virginia win keeps plummeting down the board and doesn’t look near impressive now but the Michigan State win is holding up. Purdue will have plenty of chances to shore up the resume as the conference season continues as a total of 11 B1G teams are either ranked or receiving votes (Purdue included). It should make for an interesting home stretch of the season and could add some credence to a very difficult conference slate come Selection Sunday.