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TJ Storment Flips to TCU

The return game in Ft. Worth in 2030 just got spicier.

As Moe the Bartender says in the great Simpsons episode “Homer vs. the 18th Amendment”, “Yeah, that was a scary couple of hours.” That must be how T.J. Storment feels today. On Thursday afternoon Purdue fans were elated as Storment committed to transfer to Purdue as a graduate transfer from Colorado State. He was coming into a situation where he was going to start almost immediately. Just 48 hours later, he is off to Fort Worth to play for TCU in his final year of eligibility:

This will only raise the stakes for Purdue’s return game at TCU in 2030, when the players who will take part in that game are, at best, probably 6th graders. That gets Purdue back on the graduate transfer market, and you would have to think that Coy Cronk will get a call under the “Jeff Brohm is not too stupid to avoid offering the kid from Lafayette” rule.