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UPDATE: Yes, Jaws on 3rd down is going away, but...

Ummmm, oops...

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Yeah okay so we may have gotten a little too far ahead of ourselves when we said that the Purdue Band would no longer play Jaws on 3rd down because of the “Kill” chant that started around the 2009 season.


So yes, Jaws is still going away, but not for the reasons that we originally reported. So we got mad online for no reason. Welcome to 2019!

I’m not sure what the band will replace with, but after our debacle this evening, I wouldn’t be surprised if they played SHOUT just to spite us.

It’s still unclear why the band will stop playing it, given how it has been a part of the band and Ross-Ade for nearly 2 decades. I will say from my personal point of view, the song has been sped up quite a bit, the student section couldn’t keep the tempo (then again, we don’t have any music majors at Purdue to help us), and it resulted in it kind of becoming a jumbled mess over the years. Perhaps musically, the band was tired of playing and wanted to try something new, and that’s okay.

As one person suggested on Facebook, maybe we’ll start playing Baby Shark on 3rd down instead. Doo doo doo doo doo doo....