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Purdue and Ole Miss Agree to Football Home and Home

We’ll be waiting a while on this one.

University Of Mississippi Rebels Football

In recent seasons Purdue has upped its scheduling when it comes to non-conference football games. This year featured Vanderbilt and TCU, while Syracuse, Oregon State, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, and more are in the offing coming up. We also have the conclusion of home-and-homes with Virginia Tech, TCU, and Vanderbilt. Today Purdue announced another home-and home with an SEC team: the Ole Miss Rebels.

This one is waaaaaaaaay out there, as the latest game we had scheduled before this was the return game at TCU on September 14, 2030. The first open date we even have is the 2027 season where we are at Notre Dame and we host Miami (OH). 2028 also has a single open date (at Wake Forest, home for Notre Dame) that will likely be filled with a MAC-ish opponent, while 2029 has the return game with Vanderbilt and two open spots.

In looking at Ole Miss they are full through 2023 and has nothing past 2026, so I am not sure why we’re looking at 14 years out for this. My goodness, this game is so far out my son could be playing in it, and he is a first grader.

Purdue and Ole Miss have played once. Purdue won 27-7 on November 9, 1929 in West Lafayette. Who knows, this could be a conference game by then when he Big Ten and SEC merge.