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Purdue vs. Minnesota Predictions

Does any optimism remain?

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (1-2) Says;

Look, things didn’t go as planned last week. Like, at all. Instead Purdue looked like the Freshman team in D3 playing against the Varsity. We still don’t know if Sindelar is going to play, we don’t know anything about the RB situation, the defensive line and linebacking corps are depleted due to injury, the offensive line is like a sieve....what was I saying?

I will be in attendance at this game. This will be my first game in Ross-Ade since I believe 2013. Let’s hope I have better luck than the most recent games I’ve been to which include when Maryland trounced Purdue and when Purdue lost to Notre Dame in Indianapolis. Purdue’s gotta figure something out but I just don’t know if they’e got the bodies to do it this week. I think a hard season gets harder.

Purdue 17

Minnesota 31

Chris (2-1) Says:

Oh good lord who knows. I mean, Minnesota stomped us last year. But this year their wins aren’t impressive at all. We still have the injury bug a little bit, and Minnesota has a big line. This is the tossiest of toss-ups, and in a lot of ways will tell us what direction the Boilers are headed. Unfortunately, I will be at the game, and the Boilermakers haven’t won with me present since 2007 at the Metrodome (side note about 2000s Gophers teams: imagine how many yards Laurence Maroney would run against our current D Line. Ouch.) Also can someone please GIF the amazing body slam of the Gopher RB (was it Maroney?) from that era? Anyway, Gophers take it 34-21.

Purdue 21

Minnesota 34

Juan (1-2) Says:

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Purdue 17

Minnesota 28

Travis (1-2) Says:

Does Sindelar play? Really, that is the difference right now between victory and defeat for Purdue. I have faith that jack Plummer will be a good quarterback in time, but I don’t think he is ready for the Big Ten. maybe I am wrong there and he surprises, but clearly Purdue’s best chance is with a healthy Sindelar. Minnesota has the players to do what TCU did and just run the ball all day on us. That is problematic. They also are the anti-Purdue in fourth quarters.

Purdue 24

Minnesota 31

Holmes (1-2) Says:

Too many variables and injuries to say why.

Purdue 28

Minnesota 27

Kyle (1-2) Says:

We go back to the same question as the TCU game, is Elijah going to play? If not - it probably won’t look very good again, as he can cover up a lot of this young team’s mistakes.

How do we stop the run? Minnesota nearly has 1700 pounds on their offensive line, including the right side of the line - the side they mostly run behind - where one guy is 6-6 350 and the other is 6-9 400. Will Purdue’s defensive speed help stop that?

I just have a gut feeling Elijah doesn’t play and I have no idea how we stop the run now that Markus Bailey is out and Lorenzo Neal is still on the mend.

Purdue 24

Minnesota 31