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Purdue Football: A Look at the 2015 Recruiting Class

If redshirted, these players would be in their 5th year.

Vanderbilt v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Yesterday we took a look at the 2016 class, who would have been or are on their 4th year with Purdue. We are going to go one year back and look at 2016. These guys, if still on the team would be in their 5th year.

This class ranked dead last in the B1G (No surprise) and 68th overall in the nation. Similar to 2016, there is not a lot of help with the offensive line. This was a good running back class, but most of this class left the program early.

From 2016, we still have 6 players, out of 26 total. Of remaining 20, we have 4 that graduated from the program during the Brohm era. That leaves us with 16 players that did not pan out for Brohm and left the program early or went to the NFL (Wilson) as he was suspended a few times.

Two of the four that graduated and left were special teams. Of the 6 still on the roster four are currently hurt, Sindelar, Worship, Fuller and Bailey. Leaving us with even more youth showing on our current team.

Ideally, we would have loved to see some of these guys stick around for 5 years and help us, but that was obviously was not the case.

Players Still on Roster:

  • Elijah Sindelar - QB- Starting Quarterback
  • Matt McCann - Offensive Line - Starting Guard
  • Richie Worship - Running Back - Who actually knows (Never came back from 2017 injury)
  • Markus Bailey - Linebacker - Starting LB (Torn ACL)
  • Tario Fuller - Running Back - Starting Running Back (Broken Jaw)
  • Brycen Hopkins - Starting Tight End

Players that Graduated & Contributed in Brohm Era:

  • Markell Jones - Running Back
  • Anthony Mahoungou - Wide Receiver
  • Ben Makowski - Long Snapper
  • Joe Schopper - Punter

Players that left the Program or did not contribute during Brohm Era:

  • Sawyer Dawson - Linebacker - Left Program
  • Wyatt Cook - Linebacker - Left Program
  • Evyn Cooper - Defensive Back - Left Program
  • Mike Little - Defensive Back - Left Program
  • Eddy Wilson - Defensive Tackle - Suspended two times, left early for NFL
  • Larry Wells - Offensive Line - Did not make it to campus
  • Andy Chelf - Defensive Back - Left Program
  • Peyton Truitt - Offensive Line - Left Program
  • Tim Faison - Defensive Line - Left Program
  • David Rose - Defensive Back - Left Program
  • Domo Young - Wide Receiver - 1 Year Juco
  • Jess Trussell - Tight End - Left Program
  • Fred Brown - Defensive Tackle - Left Program
  • Michael Mendez - Offensive Line - Rotation, left program

Again, offensive line has been a point of focus for critics during our first three games. Ideally, you have juniors and seniors as your starters with a couple of juniors as your backups and sophomores as well.

We currently start 3 Seniors, Criddle was a DT for 3 years first and a RS Junior (Hermanns). We then start a sophomore center.

But for depth, we only have RS Freshmen or true sophomores behind. Eventually we will get to the point where our depth will include RS Sophomores and Juniors, as well as starting juniors and seniors.

It just takes time.

Now, this class was a solid running back class. Tario will be our starter once he comes back from the broken jaw. Richie played meaningful minutes in 2017 - but never recovered from the knee injury. Markell was a solid running back for four seasons.

I wish that some of these guys would have stuck around and would be 5th year guys currently. They would have helped tremendously this season as starters or for depth.