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Purdue Football: Jackson Anthrop To Play Running Back

Looks like Jackson Anthrop is about to be a true Swiss Army Knife.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 06 Purdue Spring Game Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is no hiding the fact.

We cannot run the ball.

Well, help is on the way.

During the bye week, Jackson Anthrop is set to start getting more reps at running back, with the possibility of getting some in game snaps there. This is something I talked about immediately after the Tario Fuller injury.

Jackson gives us an experienced football player in the backfield - who is explosive enough to maybe give us a threat of a semi competent run game.

Jackson is reliable and has always been one of the hardest working players on the team - willing to do whatever to help. During his Redshirt Frosh Season, he started in the slot, this was Jeff Brohm’s first season, Jackson had over 400 yards receiving that year.

He starts in the slot probably for every other B1G Team, but, Purdue recruited an All-American in Rondale Moore.

The good news for Purdue Football and us as fans is that Jackson is no stranger to the backfield.

He had an illustrious career playing running back for Central Catholic (Lafayette, IN). During his senior season, Jackson had 251 carries for 2,247 yards and 43 touchdowns. So, while it was in high school, he has experience of being a ball carrier, all in which he lead Central Catholic to a state Championship.

Per Sports Reference, Purdue is averaging a measly 51 yards per game rushing on 23.7 carries per game, our leading rusher is Alexander Horvath with 31 carries for 91 yards. Our team rushing yards per carry is a dismal 2.2 Yards Per Carry.

There is a combo of things happening, the offensive line is not built to dominate in the run game and our senior running back we were going to lean on this year broke his jaw. Horvath is more of a full back and our other healthy backs, Hewitt and King are resh out of high school and really shouldn’t be playing this year.

Moving Jackson into the backfield is a no brainer. We need a jolt of energy into the running game and Jackson may be able to give us a little bit in that area. He isn’t playing a ton at wide receiver and he has experience in the backfield from high school.

Here is to hoping that this move may help with the run game getting straightened out - if it isn’t fixed soon, it could be a long season.