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FANPULSE: College Football Top 25 - Week 2

Clemson remains at the top of the mountain this week.

Texas A&M v Clemson Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Week 2 is in the books, your votes have been tallied, and it seems that Purdue once again have the smartest football fans in the nation. If you haven’t signed up yet, feel free to sign up here.

The top 4 remain unchanged, with Clemson still the reigned, defending, undisputed, National Champions after a dominating performance over Texas A&M that wasn’t as close as the 14 point margin of victory indicated (I was at this game).

LSU swapped spots with Ohio State after the Bayou Tigers knocked off an actual football team instead of playing whoever it was Ohio State played.

Florida remains inexplicably in 7th place. That double debacle on opening night against Miami must be way more impressive than I thought, because Miami is trash and Florida was just as trash in that game.

Texas and Texas A&M both dropped two spots after taking L’s to better teams. That said, both would be favored to beat Florida.

The rest of the poll is still in flux, with the Big10 claiming 7 spots (even though anyone who voted Michigan 10th after their home escape to....Army may still think Bo is coaching).

Hammer and Rails Poll

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Georgia
  4. Oklahoma
  5. LSU
  6. Ohio State
  7. Florida
  8. Auburn
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Texas
  11. Michigan
  12. Texas A&M
  13. Penn State
  14. Utah
  15. Oregon
  16. Wisconsin
  17. Washington
  18. UCF
  19. Michigan State
  20. Iowa
  21. Maryland
  22. Iowa State
  23. Washington State
  24. Mississippi State
  25. Army

Guys, look, we need to talk about Army. Maybe it’s everyone just protecting the Big10 shield, but they’re not the 25th best team in the county. Losing a close game to a Harbaugh coached Michigan team, if anything, means that you managed to choke harder than the Wolverines down the stretch...which Army managed to do. Let’s not reward that.

Everything else is pretty standard so far. and to be fair to you guys, there aren’t 25 good teams right now, so taking a patriotic stand with Army at 25 is excusable.


Y’all are pretty much still all aboard the Brohm Express (as am I), even after the brain fart in Reno. After Purdue’s upset win over TCU on Saturday, I’m sure we’ll be back to 100%.