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Purdue Football: What if Elijah Sindelar Can’t Play?

It sounds like Coach Brohm is confident in the bvac

Vanderbilt v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Yesterday, in Coach Brohm’s weekly press conference, he announced that Elijah Sindelar has a “Slight” Concussion.

I know there are different severity of concussions, so I am guessing a “Slight” is just a low grade concussion. My guess is it occurred late in the game, 3rd and long, when we were up three scores. We ran a draw play, which if it was a competitive game, I would have no issue with. But, with the game pretty much in hand, I did not think our quarterback needed to take another hit - this one may be costly.

Elijah Sindelar is currently the nation’s leading passer. His stats are currently at 932 yards, 9 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 65.4% completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 163.5.

So, this would be a monumental loss heading into a game against another power 5 team in TCU - which could be a shoot out.

The back up is Jack Plummer, a redshirt freshman out of Arizona. How confident is Coach Brohm in Jack? Well he had this to say..

Some people want to see what we have outside of Elijah to get a peak into the future of the program, well you may have the chance. Coach Brohm appears to very confident in Jack, but he can’t act any other way. He says that Jack has a little David Blough to him, which we love to hear, as David was a straight gunslinger and is currently on the Detroit Lions 53 man roster. They liked him so much they are keeping 3 quarterbacks rostered so other teams cannot take him off of the practice squad.

If Elijah cannot play due to this concussion, there is no hiding that it is a huge loss. He and Rondale Moore have a great rapport - they always seem to be on the same page through the first two games.

My gut tells me that we will see Elijah Sindelar play on Saturday as he will get cleared from concussion protocol. But, you never know. If not, insert Jack Plummer, the redshirt freshman will be ready to go, per Coach Brohm - with the entire playbook at his disposal.

Here are some highlights from his senior year of high school.