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Purdue 31, Nevada 34: It Happened Again

Purdue lost yet another game in the last second allowing 20 unanswered points by Nevada.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Nevada David Calvert-USA TODAY Sports

Look, Travis had a whole thing written. I’m sure it was lovely. Honestly I didn’t have the heart to read it. Then this happened. Purdue choked. Purdue was gassed. The offense played conservatively and the defense had no energy in the fourth quarter. Purdue lost their third straight season opener under Jeff Brohm and the season yet again gets off on the wrong foot. Maybe if this game wasn’t at elevation, or maybe if the Purdue special teams had not shot themselves in the foot multiple times the outcome would’ve been different but unfortunately today is not that day.

Has any team in college sports lost on more fourth quarter comebacks and been the recipient of team X’s biggest come back ever than Purdue? I have absolutely no statistics to back this up but I’m gonna say no. Nevada today tied their biggest comeback ever, their kicker hit his longest kick ever, and Purdue lost their third straight season opener. To make matters worse Brohm iced the kicker on an attempt that he missed. So there’s something we will wonder about all season.

Juan will have much more to come from Reno but for night now we are all just angry and tired and I’m sure you feel the same. After a (mostly) dazzling first half Purdue found a way, yet again, to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Amazing.