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Friday Drankin’: The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery

The return of Friday Drankin’ has already found a new home in Reno.

Saxony Governor Kretschmer Campaigns In State Elections Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

The return of football season tonight also means the return of Friday Drankin’! If you’re just joining us, Friday Drankin’ is our weekly series during football season where we explore different breweries. In the first year of it I featured all Indiana breweries. Last season I switched it up, featuring a different brewery in each city of our opponents. That continues today with the perfect selection in Reno.

The Depot

325 E. 4th Street

Reno, NV 89512

It is a brewery & distillery in an old train depot in downtown Reno. How could I NOT pick it? If you’re feeling adventurous it is even within walking distance of Nevada’s Mackay Stadium. Google Maps lists it as 1.3 miles away from the stadium itself. Here is their story behind the location:

The three story brick building which houses all of The Depot Craft Brewery and Distillery’s operations was built in 1910 to serve as the headquarters for the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway. Originating in Reno, the railway served many locales along the 238 mile stretch to Lakeview, OR. Unlike many of Nevada’s railroad systems, the NCO catered primarily to ranchers and farmers with almost all of the cargo consisting of livestock, wool, hay and grain.

This century old building is rooted in the history and identity of our western home, and it’s with this in mind that we envisioned creating the state’s first combined brewery and distillery.

They go on to say that their brewing and distilling process is rooted in the Old West, with a focus on Nevada history. While I have not been there (and hopefully Juan gets a chance to go there), it sounds like they have some really great offerings.

The Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest | 5.8% ALC/VOL | 24 IBUs | 12 SRM | Fall Seasonal

This traditional German-style lager is a light copper color with rich toasted malt notes. Double decoction brewing builds the malt backbone while the beer finishes clean with a snappy finish.

The Pilgrim

Pumpkin Brown Ale | 5.1% ALC/VOL | 12 IBUs | 22 SRM | Fall Seasonal

Locally-sourced, roasted pumpkin adds a smooth mouth-feel to this American Brown Ale. Special thanks to Salty-Savory-Sweet, Reno’s locally owned and operated spice shop, for sourcing the spices that complete this classic autumn beer.

The Ranch Hand

American Ale | 4.6% ALC/VOL | 22 IBUs | 3 SRM | Available Year Round

Enjoyably easy drinking, this straw colored ale combines a classic American hop aroma with a light malt character and crisp finish. For those looking to quench their thirst, this may very well be the beer for you.

The Farmer

SAISON | 6.5% ALC/VOL | 32 IBUs | 13 SRM | Available Year Round

This amber colored farmhouse ale is true to the classic style. Authentic Saison yeast gives this beer its signature flavor while East Kent Golding hops and a touch of Munich malt add to the complexity.

The Burner

Bohemian Pilsner | 5.2% ALC/VOL | 30 IBUs | 4 SRM | Summer Seasonal

Celebrating the end of summer and the “Party on the Playa,” this session lager is the perfect thirst quencher for the last hot days of the year. A classic German brewing technique gives this brew its signature malty backbone, while Nobel German and Czech hops lend a snappy finish.

These are just a few of their selections that sound interesting. Their full list can be found here. Their distillery also has a wide selection of whiskeys and bourbons if that is more your thing. So if you’re in Reno for the game tonight give them a try!