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Purdue vs. Nevada Predictions

Purdue Football is back! (And so am I!)

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days
“We doin’ this or what” -Jeff Brohm (probably)
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Before we get into the predictions I’m taking this opportunity for a personal indulgence. For the past four years I’ve been working full time and attending law school. It was rough. From mid May until the end of July I was studying for and taking the Bar Exam. I won’t know my results until November but I’m glad it’s over, for now, and I can get back to focusing on my real plan to make millions; Purdue sports blogging!

Purdue comes into the 2019 season with some question marks hanging over its collective head(s). The offensive line looks greener than Bruce Banner when he gets angry, the defensive line has it’s biggest name injured and a freshman defensive end is being heavily relied upon, the running back position has been a series of terrible injuries ala the Springfield 9, and the starting QB while certainly talented has a history of knee injuries. Am I focusing on the negative? It’s possible. I do trust in Brohm though. He’s a great coach and between him and Holt there’s no reason for me to believe that they can’t cobble together a solid offensive and defensive line corps.

If Purdue is able to solidify the lines the team has a solid chance to make waves this year. The offensive side of the ball should be electric. What do I know about Nevada? Not much if I’m being honest. I can’t add much more than what Travis posted throughout the week but I still have a good if wary feeling about Friday’s season opener.

Purdue 45, Nevada 38

Travis Says:

It seems like in our group chat most of the staff is down on this team because of its youth, but I am swinging the other way. Yes, we have 18 freshmen on the two-deep in some capacity, but they are there for a reason. They have beat out older players and in the case of guys like Karlaftis and Graham, probably could have played for us last year. I think as long as the offensive line is not horrendously bad like Miami’s was against Florida we have some fun in this and pull away, a bit like our last Group of Five road win at Toledo way back in 2007.

Purdue 45, Nevada 24

Kyle Says:

Week 1. A ton of unknowns. What I do know is we are starting a 5th year quarterback and they are starting a RS Freshman. I do know that we have the linebacker core to stop their strong running attack. I also know that we have Rondale Moore and they do not. The offensive and defensive line are leaving a ton of questions for us to start the season, but who knows, maybe they outperform my expectations. The skill guys are there, the running backs are young, but still talented and we have a 5th year quarterback leading the offense. Look for some quick passes to start while this line gets comfortable.

I think the defense will be aggressive early vs this young quarterback a lot of blitzes and stunts to make him uncomfortable.

Purdue 31, Nevada 17

Chris Says:

I’ve been getting a hard time for being Mr. Optimist™ in the Official H&R Group Chat, but I’m going to absolutely own it here. Purdue wins by a big margin. >21 points. 42-17. I will remind everyone that in 2016 when we played (and do you remember how bad that 2016 team was? The team that got Hazell fired?) we beat the ‘Pack by 10 at home. Add some legitimate recruits, an exciting incoming freshman class, and this is an easy win over a team that only beat San Jose State [the worst team in FBS] by 9 last year. My guess for this game is that our passing game turns out to be [fire emoji 100 times], and we get hot out the gate. Rondale with 3 touchdowns. That’s right everyone, THE HYPE TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION. GET ON NOW OR YOU MIGHT NOT GET A SEAT. Get all those stupid nagging thoughts out of your head and BELIEVE. Our journey begins Friday. B T F U.

Purdue 42, Nevada 17

Holmes Says:

The Boilers have plenty of questions around the lineup. But with a seasoned QB and a set of weapons the Punisher would be envious of, Purdue should be able to get out to an early lead and keep the heat on. One key will be the defense’s ability to pressure the Wolfpack, and that starts with our hometown hero GK who has been impressive in practice, in All-American games, in high school, and, I’m guessing, his whole life. The best case scenario this year is a quick-scoring offense that allows the defense to be aggressive and take chances when the other team is desperate to keep up (kinda like the Manning-era Colts).

Purdue 38, George Karlaftis 2 (sacks), Nevada 23

Juan Says:

I’m going to be honest, I’m not feeling too confident going into this game. Other than the IU game and Brohm deciding not to go to Louisville, the tail end of last season left a sour taste in my mouth. Add on top of that you have a young team opening on the road at a mid-major where this could be the biggest home game for them all season. Sure, Nevada isn’t one of the Death Valleys or a Penn State white out, but it still won’t be easy, especially if Purdue has to heavily rely on their incoming freshmen. I think Purdue struggles on Friday night, and pull this off in the end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes just the other way.

Purdue 31, Nevada 30